Friday, March 13, 2009

At this moment questions

I picked this up from my friend Demcy. You can grab it as well. Thanks Demcy for posting. Here is mine:

(The answers to the questions below must be based on "at this moment.")
  1. Where is your cellphone - I don't have one
  2. Your hair - long
  3. Your father - lives in New Mexico
  4. Your favorite thing - my blogs
  5. Your dream last night - don't believe that I had one
  6. Your favorite drink - Dr. Pepper and Coffee lol
  7. Your dream goal - to go on vacation at least once
  8. The room you are in - living room blogging
  9. Your fear - water
  10. Where do you want to be in 6 years - living the good life
  11. Muffins - Blueberry or strawberry
  12. One of your wish list items - a home of our own
  13. Where you grew up - West Texas
  14. The last thing you did - blogged to make a few bucks
  15. What are you wearing - pants and short sleeves. Kind of warm here.
  16. Your TV - LG 32" LCD HD
  17. Your pets - none.. have a child that is allergic to dogs and cats
  18. Your computer -HP desktop
  19. Your life - hectic but fun
  20. Your mood - happy but tired
  21. Missing someone - my friends and family that I don't see much
  22. Your car - Chevy Blazer
  23. Favorite store - Dollar Store hahaha
  24. Your summer - probably going to Nort Carolina
  25. Your favorite color - blue
  26. When was the last time you laughed - When I answered question number 23 lol again
  27. When was the last time you cried - when I was missing my best friend
  28. Last person who emailed you - my friend Sandy Lee
  29. Your favorite food - Noodles and rice
  30. A place you would rather be right now - in the bed lol
Well, hope that you enjoyed it. I got a laugh out of it, and maybe you will to.

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Dhemz said...

hey girl..thanks for grabbing the tag..glad to know about you...hehhe...I am laughing here too...yep me too... I forgot to mention that I love dollar store and 99cents store...hehhe..go for the bargain! hehhehe

My ADHD Me said...

So your fear is water? Then you need to go scuba diving!

My fear was fire. That's why I became a firefighter. I also hated confined spaces. A bit claustrophobic. The fire dept took care of that too!

great getting to know more about you!

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