Saturday, May 29, 2010

End Of School

We are starting our summer break off to a good start. The boys behavior is doing well. I had increased their medicines just a little the last time I went to the doctor. Eddie was on a field trip to Tunica to ride the river boat and visit the museum their, so he was not able to go to the doctor with Devin and me. Luckily, his doctor was able to prescribe his medicines then. I just did not want him to miss the last school field trip that he had for the year. I was willing to reschedule his appointment if needed. Glad that I did not have to do that, because I probably would have had to wait more than a month to get him back in.

I allowed both of them to stay home on the last day of school since it was only a half of a day, and they were not required to go. I knew that they needed a break from school, so I let them stay home. They both had a Splash Bath at their schools in the days before they were to get out. They enjoyed the water slide very much. Devin came home that day with a huge scrape on his elbow. He had said that someone had pushed him down on the concrete. It is healing, and does not seem to bother him to much.

We are enjoying the park here at home quite a bit. We have new swings to swing in and everything has been painted so it looks really great out there now. It is very colorful as well. It was about time that they had did something with the park. The swings were broke due to the older kids tearing everything up, and now they have been replaced with new one. Once we get moved, we will have the park as our backyard, so they will be able to go and play easier since I will not actually have to leave the house for them to play. If I need something from inside, then I will not have to drag them all the way home to get what was needed. It is also a lot shadier, so the house will stay a little cooler this summer. The house is layed out exactly the same as the one that we have now, except for maybe the bathroom, closets, and kitchen. I am hoping for a double sink this time to make dish washing a lot easier. The one that I have now is a single sink which is a lot more difficult to use and causing me to use more soap since I have to let the water out a little at a time just to get them rinsed.

The boys did very well in school this year. Eddie received the A/B honor roll for the year and also the language arts award. Devin did not come home with awards like Eddie did this year, but he was the school's champion a few times, and had reading awards as well. His teacher was not really impressed with his handwriting, so maybe that is why he did not get anything for the end of the year. I do not know. He did very well, and we are proud of them both for working very hard. They will make great second and fourth graders next year.

Well, I guess that I will get going and start something to eat for them. They are urging me to get off of here and get something up for dinner. Hope that you all have had a wonderful day, and I will see you all later.


Anonymous said...

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izzy said...

Wow..this is so inspiring! Any tips on how you brought up your boys with learning/behavioral difficulties?

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