Thursday, April 22, 2010

Steak Sandwiches

Any one hungry today? I thought that I would share something tasty with you today. On the menu is steak sandwiches. My husband came up with this idea a few years ago, and we absolutely love them. Here is what you do to make them:

Grab your favorite buns. I like to use Cobblestone Mill Sub Rolls. We have used plain 'ol hamburger buns to flour tortillas. It is wonderful to give them a toast in the oven.

Now you need to cook the meat and vegetables. We start off with meat. I like to use Steak-Ums that can be found in the freezer at your local grocery store. This is my favorite meat to use. Any meat you like will do. I have used breakfast steaks as well. Just pick up something thin like fajita meat. Cook this until it is done.

Now for the vegetables. Onions and bell pepper is what we use. I enjoy the colorful bell peppers, because it gives the dish color. Also, you want to add mushrooms of your choice. Make sure that you wash them before use as there is usually dirt clinging to them. I normally use one large onion, one large bell pepper, and a box of mushrooms. It will make a ton of food for you to enjoy for the next few days.
Flavor your meat and vegetables or they will taste bland. We use McCormick Grill Mates Montreal Steak seasoning.

Cheeses are great when added as well. I love the pepper jack cheese the most, but American cheese will do great as well. Just experiment with your favorite cheese.

Now for the mayonnaise. We love Kraft's Sandwich Shop Chipotle mayonnaise to give it a little spice. Regular mayonnaise will work as well. I have had problems finding this mayonnaise at some stores, but maybe you can find it somewhere in your area.

Once everything is done, cut the sub roll open about half way and fill with your steak meat. We put the mayonnaise on first and then the cheese on one side, then filling it up with the meat. Place in microwave to warm and melt the cheese.



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