Thursday, January 29, 2009

Why Your Child Is Hyperactive

Well, it's early in the morning so I thought that I would write something over here. I've been working so hard on my other blog. I'm not feeling to good today. Kidney's are acting up AGAIN; not to mention an infection to go along with it. I haven't been to the doctor yet, but may end up going before to long. I've got to go to the dentist soon as well as the eye doctor. I've turned on the music from my yahoo messenger, to boost my mood a little. I had a bored feeling yesterday, and I hope that will change today. I went to the library yesterday and picked up a book by complete luck. It is the original book from Ben Feingold. Why Your Child Is Hyperactive. I've been telling others about the diet on my other page, and I am so glad that I did find the book. I've read Jane Hersey's version, Why Can't My Child Behave?. Dr. Feingold's book is a really good one that tells the history of the Feingold Diet, and his experiences with children and their families. You can buy the book at Just go over to my other page and click on the book covers to take you there. Hope you will put your hard earned money into these wonderful books at an affordable price they can be yours. Guess I'll be going for now. Byeeeeeeeeee

Monday, January 26, 2009

Just doing some work here .
Things just aren't working right around here today.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Can you help this family?

Good evening readers. How are you all? I'm doing very good lately. Eddie didn't have a very good morning though. He is hard to wake up to get ready for school in the mornings. This morning he woke up fighting as I tried to wake him up. He still has his times of complete breakdowns. His dad got on to him pretty good for accidental kneeing me in the nose. He's not happy when he wakes up either, but that is understandable. Keeping Eddie's violent reaction to being over stimulated or bothered has become a big problem. He has been taking an antibiotic for pharyngitis that is a lovely orange color. You know what that means red and yellow dyes to make the orange. I should have asked the pharmacist to see if there was any dye-free, but knowing me I forgot. Something is really bothering him, and I'm not sure what it could be... his diet, colors, or the Vyvanse he is on for ADHD. His therapist had said/wondered if the medicine was aggravating his autism symptoms. I feel like I'm at a dead end when it comes to his emotions. He has an inner-hatred for others at home, and is always in trouble when he displays symptoms of autism. Any suggestions on this one? He is also easily irritated. I'm just not sure how to help him to feel inner peace around others. We just aren't able to provide the necessary treatment that he needs, as well as my youngest. I've wanted them to see a DAN doctor, but he doesn't accept our insurance coverage, so I guess I'm left with nothing else. Putting them on a GFCF diet is a lot harder than one might think for this family. Even so, I'm not sure if I should without tests being done, or I haven't found the resources here to get it done. I was told that they may be able to see a dietician, but what can really be done; I don't know. So I continue my search for any possibilities that maybe out there in a town of about 35,000 people. If you can help me out here then please do so. We are almost desperate to find some kind of help for them. See you all again soon, and remember to visit Autism And The World Around Me.

Decision to make this blog work for me as well

I've thought about keeping this blog private, but changed my mind. I am hoping that it will create more traffic for my other blog as well. I'll be doing adjustments to it like adding all my feeds, and blog catalogs and other things. Please be patient while I get this done. May take until Monday or so. It is always a busy Friday and weekend here. I am doing good by the way, but wish I had more time to get some things done and enjoy myself. Now it is just time to get the boys up and ready for school. See you all around here and there. Take care of yourself and remember safety first.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

If you view this blog, please become a follower as well. It's been a slow day today and I've had no one to talk to so I've been listening to music all day. The house isn't too dirty so I'll finish it up later. I've been feeling physically ill lately because I've been drinking to many mountain dews. Yeah you know Yellow. No. 5. It makes me feel HORRIBLE when I drink too many. UGH!!!

Our Day

Well, I got my posts up for my main blog. I'm happy about that. I had written them last night and got up early this morning to get one done. Once the kids were at school, I finally got the other one done. Guess I'm feeling good today. I've got my music going on yahoo messenger, so I feel much happier. I really haven't listen to much music since high school, so now I am trying to get back into that. The boys have pharyngitis and are on antibiotics again. I allowed them to stay home one day, but felt they should at least try to go some this week, or they would be overwhelmed with homework; especially Devin. His teacher gave us SEVERAL worksheets to do for homework this week. I really hope that I can get him to do them tonight. He usually won't do homework because he gets very frustrated with it, and ends up in a complete meltdown. Little Eddie is having problems with brother upsetting him; however, Eddie is just highly sensitive to his surroundings and environment. Yesterday, he was having to ride to the post office so dad can mail off stuff, and he was just out of this world with patience. Devin was also and just wanted to go home after school. I just had to try my best not for them to start fighting in the truck, even though Eddie did kick Devin and hurt him . He just wanted Devin to quit crying to go home.God I wish it was a three rowed seater so I can separate the two of them. Oh wow what a day that was.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Something about me I guess

I would like to thank all my readers of Autism And The World Around Me. You have been very loyal to my blog, and I wish it was more exciting, or at least more visited by others. This blog; however, is my vision of how I live and how I'd like to live within myself. I want this to be my happy place where I can feel at peace with myself and have fun. It's something I feel I deserve for all my hard work. This is a place where you can get to know me better, and see the world as I do. I love having everyone here as friends and I hope by doing this we can know more about each other. Me and my groupies that can also have a place here through your comments. So please do so, so I can feel connected to my friends. With me suffering from mental illness, it causes me to feel alone in such a huge world. Seeing communication with my online friends puts a smile on my face. I am one of the most understanding person who tries to help anyone that needs it. I am a very emotional person who has trouble controlling them, but my medication helps with all that. I am on Lexapro, Abilify, and Trazodone. Last summer, I was so wound up over my nerves that I would have stomach problems everyday. Boy that wasn't fun!! All I wanted to do was scream, and all I could do was to cry for help. I finally got that help and now I feel so much better.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Finally My Own Place

I created this blog for myself to come and tell how I am feeling day to day. Hope you will enjoy reading it. It will be for my friends only. For today, I feel good. Nothing seems to be bothering me today, and I am glad of that. Husband is at school, but I had to make Ed get off the computer so I could get something done today. I've been thinking about this for some time, and now I finally got it done. I suffer from PTSD, Dysthymia, and GAD. I wanted to have a journal for this, and now I am making this blog my journal.

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