Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Updates and Pollen

Well looks like we have hit a block in the road. Things have not been looking up lately this month. First of all, my husband's grandparents home burned down. When my husband was young, he lived there with his grandparents and two cousins. That was their household. While in their twenties, both cousins were gone. Ricky died while being in between his truck and trailer when another truck struck his and killed him. This happened before I met my husband. Theresa was diagnosed with cancer and only lived about two years after that. I was lucky to meet her before she passed. We miss her very much. Both of his grandparents are gone so if you think about it, he is the only person left from the entire household including the home. Can you imagine how that would feel? He has taken it well as with the rest of the family. However, I would be crying my eyes out if I was him. They are very strong people anyways. I am glad to have them as part of my family. My mother in law has always told me that I was like a daughter to her. She only had three boys after all.

My husband ended up with a staph infection in his nose of all places. Besides staph usually starts in the nose and then the sore pops up. He felt totally miserable with his entire face hurting. It was even difficult for him to eat since it caused pain in his teeth. He has since gotten over that. He had told me that the day after he gotten better, he ended up with what seems to be bronchitis again. We are still working on getting rid of that illness.

I have not felt very good myself. I usually do not have allergies, but this year was totally different. Even Devin is starting to feel bad. We have had sore throats with this as well. I still blame the pollen for most of our illness. They have said that pollen in our area could be the worst in ten years. I believe it too! I was washing off the porch one day a few weeks ago to get all of the pollen off. As it ran down the curve of the street, it would pile up turning the water yellow. As the water has dried up at the end where it puddles, mounds of pollen were left. It dried which would end up getting back into the air again. Cars are totally covered in pollen and washing them will not help. Just within 20 minutes after washing the truck, it was all over the back window again. I would have to say that it is a lot better after we had some rain to wash the worst away. After it rained, it is still high, but everything is not covered as bad. A pollen forecast will give you the heads up on allergies. Just click on your state and enter your zip code to get your pollen forecast. They also have a cities list, but you may not be able to find your city, so just enter your zip code and it will take you there. Right now we are averaging 11.5 on the scale. The highest number that they go to is 12 so go figure. I found this pollen car image to give you an idea of how bad it is. This was in Atlanta, GA, and it is that bad here as well. The image is from

We have also had problems with the truck. The battery is dead, and we will probably need a new alternator as well. It is a 2000 Blazer, but it is getting out of shape and fast. The passenger door is messed up and basically husband told me that it was about to come off. The 4-wheel drive never did work, so again it is messed up again. We almost have the thing payed off (still have about 7 payments), but husband is considering trading it if they will. The car company will only trade it in after you have payed so much on it. That means almost all of it. We have been with them for four years now so maybe they can help us out. It was an idea, but if we actually do it I do not know. It is almost paid off and I really do not want a car payment anymore. Maybe he will decide to fix it for now, but you never know. He may do it just to have a chance at something better, and that will not cost a fortune to keep fixed. I am ready for something else as well, but then again I would like to save that extra $250.00 every month.

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