Thursday, January 22, 2009

Our Day

Well, I got my posts up for my main blog. I'm happy about that. I had written them last night and got up early this morning to get one done. Once the kids were at school, I finally got the other one done. Guess I'm feeling good today. I've got my music going on yahoo messenger, so I feel much happier. I really haven't listen to much music since high school, so now I am trying to get back into that. The boys have pharyngitis and are on antibiotics again. I allowed them to stay home one day, but felt they should at least try to go some this week, or they would be overwhelmed with homework; especially Devin. His teacher gave us SEVERAL worksheets to do for homework this week. I really hope that I can get him to do them tonight. He usually won't do homework because he gets very frustrated with it, and ends up in a complete meltdown. Little Eddie is having problems with brother upsetting him; however, Eddie is just highly sensitive to his surroundings and environment. Yesterday, he was having to ride to the post office so dad can mail off stuff, and he was just out of this world with patience. Devin was also and just wanted to go home after school. I just had to try my best not for them to start fighting in the truck, even though Eddie did kick Devin and hurt him . He just wanted Devin to quit crying to go home.God I wish it was a three rowed seater so I can separate the two of them. Oh wow what a day that was.


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