Monday, February 16, 2009

What We Are Doing Today

Well, how are we today? Doing good I guess. Will be taking the boys to the doctor again today for a check up and to get occupational therapy for them at school for their handwriting and what not. Then I have to go to the school and meet with Eddie's teacher. Wonder what that will be about. He had threatened to hurt another little girl one day. He was off of his medicine for a few days, so it was obviously causing problems. We had a good Valentine's Day. I got an animal that sings You Wild Thing. A single white rose, and a perfect card. Devin got G.I. Joe toys and Eddie got another Transformer. Him and his dad loves Transformers. You should see my husband's collection. Our son has a great collection as well. They have always loved them. When my husband was small, it really took to the idea of Transformers. Once I was preg. with our first son, he started collection them again. I wanted him to come up with something for me about them, but he hasn't gotten to it yet. Hopefully I can get him to soon. Well, guess I'll go check that autism search for my other blog. See you around.


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