Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My Morning

I have to say that I am officially bored today. Not much is going on in the autism world, so I thought that I would come over here and do something. I am mostly waiting for this afternoon, because we have to go to town today. I could be cleaning up the house a little, but I am not even wanting to do that. It has not exactly been my morning. Eddie was hard to get dressed this morning, as he was wanting to act goofy and hardheaded. I put some pictures of the boys thanksgiving drawings on my autism blog, so you can go over there and see them there. It was cold this morning, and everything was frozen. It should warm up a little in the next few days though. I always hated the cold weather. We are expecting some more rain as well. Guess that I will be looking for a pediatric allergist for the boys soon. I need to have them tested for food allergies, because I have them as well. We are thinking that peanuts may be a problem for Eddie. Finding a doctor has not been that easy. I guess that I will have to ask around to find one. Guess that is all I have for right now. See you all again soon. Today is December 1, 2009.


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