Thursday, December 10, 2009

Trouble With Blog Not Loading

From time to time, bloggers have problems with their blogs. I recently had trouble with it not loading all of the way. It would stop at a certain point and quit. After looking around for a while I did find one's answer to where you HAD to remove all widgets (even the ones from blogger) and reinstall them one at a time. Luckily I found the one I was looking for, and was able to fix it. Also I recommend that you reinstall your template as well, or just use one from blogger.

I have to admit that I was getting worried about it, before I ended up fixing it about 9:30 last night. Today is December10, 2009. I was getting anxious about it after about dealing with the problem for about 5 hours. I just did not know yet what was going on. I had googled the problem and came back with one good answer. I was lucky to find it.

I thought that I would do this post to have more of an explanation on to what exactly happened to me and how I fixed the problem. I thank God for my wisdom on this one.


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