Thursday, December 17, 2009

Feeling Down

Well, I am not feeling to spiffy today. I am wondering about my autism blog. I still have a page rank of 0, and I am beginning to feel like it's not even worth having. I can not write like I use to, and writing about autism is not easy for me. I do not know what I should be writing about. I only get about 20 visitors a day, and that is very discouraging. I just do not have the skills that others do on their blogs. I do not know why I am so worked up over it, but I am. I wish someone would tell me what is wrong with it, and why Google seems to hate it. I am not even sure if I think that it is worth a page rank. I need some cheering up and advice on how to make it better. I just do not want to keep thinking that I have failed to make something of the blog. I am sorry for all of this, but I just feel terrible about it.

The boys are still doing good, and they are ready to be out of school for the Christmas holidays. We will be picking up their Christmas presents from The Angel Tree tomorrow. I had put down bicycles for them, and I am hoping that I get two of them. If not, then we may have an upset child. It would be February before I could even buy an extra one. I really hope that they are ready to ride one. Of course, we will have training wheels on them. I just wanted to see if they could ride one yet. I think that Devin will have a better chance of balance than Eddie would. Devin has a Razor scooter that he can fly on, however Eddie can not ride it without a balance issue. He does not get on it much, but when he does, he is very cautious. Guess that is all I have to say for now. Hope you all have a great day!! Today is December 17, 2009. I always forget to say that.


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