Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bath Spa's At Home

Over the weekend my mother in law gave me a Conair Bath Spa, and I absolutely love it. It fits most standard bath tubs and is a lot of fun to use. It has three suction cups that hold it to the side of your bath tub with a very long cord so I can plug it up in the hallway without having it in the bathroom. The bath spa has dual jets that deliver a powerful wave or bubbles in your tub. I have always wanted something like this since I am a big fan of jacuzzi's. You can find one of these at Wal-mart. I looked online there and found a similar model to the one that I have. You can click the link above to find one at Wal-mart. If you have tired, sore and achy muscles then I recommend this product to you. It is really nice to have when you are relaxing from a hard day at work or when you are at home with the kids. Hope that you will try this for yourself, I am sure that you will enjoy it as well. Having a spa at home is every women's dream, so try it out today. They usually run about $40.00, and a dream to have. Hope that you will enjoy yours as much as I do mine. Worried about it falling into the water? No need to, it is designed to where you will not get electrocuted if it does get in the water. Not recommended for children! By the way today is January 20, 2010. Hope that you have a wonderful day, and thanks for reading.


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