Thursday, January 28, 2010

Back Injury

About three days ago, I guess I had moved off of the washer wrong and really messed up my back pretty good. I just have a tendancy to sit on it eventhough I probably should not. I am not ecactly sure what I had done to it, but it feels like my spine is being pushed together. Either that or I have bruised the bones. I have not went to the doctor yet, as I am waiting to see if it will heal on its own. Moving around is very difficult, but tolerated somewhat. I just feel like I have jammed the sinal column together. Laying down seems to ease the pain if I am perfectly still, but we all know that I just can not lay still until it does decide to get better. I am still willing to give it a few days before I just decide to break down and go to the doctor to make sure nothing is to having a disc injury, pinched nerve or something. A chiropractor sounds good, but the pain in the spine is just too much to even consider that yet, besides I rather have my doctor look at it. Sure don't need it popped or messed with. Then to think that I would have to clean house today! I really hope that it does get better.

Thanks for reading on this 28th day of January 2010.


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