Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Past Few Days

So what is going on today? The usual I guess. I am getting ready to start cleaning the house again. I should get it done in a few hours, and I am hoping that I do not wear myself out. I am not exactly in the best of shape anymore, so constantly working around the house just does me in. I am still trying to get rid of a few pounds since I came off of my Abilify. It was causing me to gain weight.. about 50 pounds in the last two years. Arthritis is no help either, and is triggered by my food allergies. I should watch those, but since they are not serious I tend to ignore them.

The boys are having their last day of school until April 5. They are getting two extra days off for the weekend for teacher business at school. They will enjoy that very much, and will want to play outside since it is getting warmer now. We will be in the 80's for the first time this year. The sun will be shinning and rain will not be found.

Devin really enjoys riding his bicycle that he got for Christmas. Eddie does not really like to ride it. He has taken up with Devin's Razor scooter instead. He has been on the bicycle, but did not go very far. Not sure if he likes it or not. We had went outside yesterday, but before I knew it they were back in the house. I think that they ended up getting to hot. Then again, they were tired from going to school that day.

We had taken the boys to Chuck E Cheese's a few days ago. We had spent a good 40 bucks or so for pizza and enough tokens to get about 100 tickets for each of the kids. For 30 dollars you could get a pizza and 25 tokens. The tokens were in the price of the pizza, so the menu board made your mouth drop to the floor. How expensive this is, and we see people here all the time. Luckily we went on Monday after school about 3:30 and it was empty. Talk about beating the crowds. The boys had lots of fun so it was well worth the money we had spent. When we got home that afternoon, I had checked my email and noticed that there had been a house fire in Shannon. It happened to be my husbands grandparents house. It was totally destroyed.

Well, I guess that I will be going. Have things that I need to get done. Thanks for visiting today and I will see you all soon.


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