Friday, March 26, 2010

Searching Again For Birthparents

I finally ended up getting some stamps (for my birthday) from my aunt, and I am debating on if I should write to my next possible match in the search for my birth parents. I am really wanting to save the 10 dollars it takes to process the paperwork for the original birth certificate, or to get a letter back saying that I have the wrong names. Then again, some say that it is not a good idea to contact the "birth parents" directly. Everyone has their own opinion I guess. As of now, I am looking for Darlene K. (Bennett) Peters, and Douglas R. Whitehead. She is living in Rosenburg, Texas, and has two sisters. From what I have learned, Douglas passed away in 2003. Well, I guess that I will keep debating on what I will do. I may just go ahead and mail at least one letter just to see what does happen.


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