Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St Patrick's Day & Update

Back again after a few months. We had changed internet companies so that we could get it a little cheaper. We are having spring break this week, and we are enjoying the rest. The weather had been rainy and too cool to be playing out much. The sun just has not been out much to really warm things up to where you can stand to even be outside. The last time that we were outside, Eddie had fell from the scooter and scraped his palm up pretty good so we went in that day and have not been out since. The rain started coming quite often, then it got quite cool. I have also been working on cleaning the house. Just for once I would like to see everything done all at once instead of one room at a time while the other rooms just get dirty again. Sometimes it feel like they can get dirty on their own... I guess that it can. It is very dusty in this house anyways. The heater does not help with that situation either. I wonder sometimes if it just makes it worse. Guess that it is like a furnace that blows heat out the bottom to warm the house. It is a very annoying heater, and I still have not met one person who actually likes it. It warms the living room up too much and the rest of the rooms are cool. Guess that it could suffocate you in same room as it is in. My back did finally get better after I had hurt it two months ago, and I am glad of that. I can acually move around again without hurting from it. Well I guess that I will be going. Just wanted to let everyone know that I am around...just busy!!

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Anonymous said...

Amanda, I am glad you are back on your blog. I am also glad that your back is much improved. Have a happy birthday.


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