Monday, November 9, 2009

I'm Back

Well, I have enjoyed my first day back blogging. I have been gone for eight months now, and I am happy to be back. Today is Nov. 9, 2009 in case my post does not show the date. Having some blogging issues with my page elements page. It's not showing up anything on the left side of the screen on one blog. This one is having problems as well. Guess that it is a blogger thing. I took a good opportunity today and I am pleased about that one. They do not come around very often, so I grab them when I can. My family and I are doing great. We got to see my mother's brothers a few weeks ago when they brought me the couches that she had been trying to give to me for quite some time now. I have not seen them in several years, and they enjoyed talking with the boys who behaved perfectly except for getting out all of their stuffed animals and pilling them on the couch. I have gotten the house clean up pretty good I guess. I am hoping that I can keep it that way. Housecleaning just does not make me go head over hills. Well, I guess that I am making this blog like a journal for myself. I had previously had no idea on what do actually do with this one. I had started a journal on Microsoft Word for several months, but now I guess I can write here. Well, I guess that I will be going for today. Hope that you will continue reading both of my blogs. Enjoy yourselves.

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