Thursday, November 12, 2009

What I Am Doing

Today is November 12, 2009. I did not get to write yesterday because I had the boys home for their doctors appointment. Just before we had to leave, I became sick with a pain in my side. I do have a kidney stone on the left side there, but this pain was lower than a stone pain would be. Not sure what the problem was so to be sure that it was not, I dragged myself to the doctor and waited five hours for absolutely nothing. I do not take those kinds of pains lightly. I have been living with stones for eight years now, and I have to say that I am getting really tired of having them. I am not looking forward to having it removed either. It will first have to be obstructing the passage before they will even think about taking it out. Two or so years ago, I had surgery to remove the one on the right side. I kept it about four or five years before it festered up and started causing problems. I had a lot of infection to deal with so they put in a stent and gave me antibiotics for two months straight. Having a stent for a month was not pleasant. I still felt horrible, and it seems that I could feel it from time to time.

Husband has bronchitis and has been feeling terrible as well. Hopefully he will start getting better soon. I am afraid that this will be a bad year for us on colds and the flu. Some years, we do not get sick, but others we catch something every month and it usually hits everyone as well.

Before I forget, I wanted to mention some news that I found out over the summer. I was at the doctor for my arthritis and blah feeling, and I asked to be tested for food allergies. Come to find out I was allergic to corn, peanuts, and soybean oil. WOW, who would have ever thought that one. If I eat to much of any of them, I will swell up in the stomach apprehending my breathing as well. I have a question on the soybean oil part though. If they told my soybean oil, then does that mean just soybean oil or anything with soybeans in it?

I guess that I will be cleaning the house again today. I will probably get started when I finish this post. I have some picking up to do and a few dishes to wash. Wish I had a dishwasher!! I am hoping that it does not take to long. I am not a big fan of cleaning house, but I do not just let it go. We have house keeping inspections every three months. I really hate those times. You never know when the landlord will come and inspect, so for an entire month you have to keep your house cleaned to the T every second of everyday. With my family that is very difficult to do. I clean six rooms top to bottom everyday, so you can imagine how long that takes me. Yep, ALL DAY LONG!!

Well, I guess that I will be getting started on that, so goodbye and I hope that you have a wonderful day.



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