Thursday, November 19, 2009

Upset and Getting in Trouble

Today is November 19, 2009.

Eddie got upset tonight because we could not beat a certain part of a game that he was playing. I felt so sorry for he. All he wanted to do was get past this one car that he had to destroy. He was really whinny and was just upset all together. He finally gave up on playing and went to lay down on the couch. He was falling asleep, so I put him in the bed. Yep, I still carry an 80 pound boy to bed every now and then. He told me that he did not want to be in bed, but he stayed and went back to sleep.

Devin is still awake and playing with a Capri Sun juice pouch. Now he is climbing on the washer again today. Yep he is stealing the juices for their school snacks. Little stinker he is. When he was a child (about one), he would steal anything right out from under your nose. Funny thing one day he was over at a friends house when he was three and I had taken cars away from him since we were about to leave. I had given them back to the mom, and got Devin back in the car to leave. I had noticed that the cars were in his hands...again. I took them back to her again, and she said, "Did you not just give these to me?" I said, "Yes, Devin can steal anything out from under your nose so you have to watch him closely."

Husband and I were in town again today taking care of business. We did the usual things that we do everyday. So it was not much.

The boys and husband will be out of school next week, so I do not know how much I will get done on blogging. They will be taking the computer up probably. I am not sure what we will be doing for Thanksgiving. Probably stay home and cook a turkey and a few ducks. We really like duck. Has a great flavor.

Well, guess that I will be going since I need to get Devin in the bed. Have a great night.


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