Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Peaceful Day

Guess we had a peaceful day today. My husband and I were in town today taking care of business. It was nice to get out of the house for awhile. We had breakfast at McDonald's. It was not that great though. I really hate our McDonald's in this town. We have four of them, and everything about the stores makes me want to run away. No wonder why no one was there when we went. We came home and watched T.V. on the computer and messed with our Transformer toy collection. My husband loves to collect them, and they have grown on me as well. He had went to bed a little early. His is typically a night owl. The boys are doing good tonight for the most part. Eddie is standing in a chair and Devin is on top of the washer. Eddie is being quite talkative, and Devin is being quiet as he gets into things that he does not need to be getting in to. It is almost time for bed and I am glad that our day is ending. I cleaned up the house since it really needed to be done. Cleaning six rooms a day and everyday really wears me out. I am glad that I got it done tonight so that I will not have much to do tomorrow. Well, guess that I will be going. I still have not had dinner, and the boys need to go to bed so that they can get up tomorrow for school.


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