Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Day

I am late on writing today November 10, 2009. My husband has been home from school sick today. He has the flu or something. He is in bed asleep now. Devin made it to the couch and fell asleep. Eddie is supposed to be doing homework, but decides to read what I am typing. After he gets done with homework I am hoping that he will get to bed. I did not do a whole lot today. I pretty much waited on emails to come hoping that it would give me something to talk about. Now that I think about it they have a doctor's appointment tomorrow and they will not be able to go to school. I am just hoping that he will give up soon and go to bed so that I can as well. He is wanting to finish this game first before he does go. Wish that I just could get him to go. He can be difficult at times, but he is a good kid. I never did finish the house today, but it does not look that bad. Well, guess that I will get this posted and try to get that boy to bed.
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