Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fever A Family Update

The weekend was terrible for the boys. Devin was outside for about an hour on a sunny day just a day after having his eyes dilated, which was worn off by now. He came inside and ended up falling asleep sitting upright. He was asleep for a good three hours and then woke up with a 103 degree fever. This was as if his body could not release the suns heat and gave him a fever for three days. Tylenol and a thermometer got us through the weekend.

I kept Devin home because he was still running a fever and Eddie went to school, then we had a problem. He was too warm with a 101 degree fever and a headache. When we picked him up he was crying/whimpering and holding his head. When he came home, we downed the Tylenol and sent him to the couch. He slept for just a little while. He is still running fever even at midnight when he woke up feeling bad again. His temperature did not change. As of this morning, his temperature is 100 degrees. He is laying on the couch watching G.I.Joe, and trying to rest.

Unexplained fevers. We seem to have quite a few fevers that just tend to pop up. So unlucky on that end.

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