Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Birthday Day

I had a wonderful birthday. My day started out good. I woke up at 6 am to check email and everything. I still felt tired so I went back to bed until about 9 when Devin woke up. The boys were good today, except for a few times when they just could not leave each other alone.

Most of the afternoon, I was scrambling to get the house clean, because I had called mom to let her know that I needed a babysitter on the 23rd so that I could go to the autism meeting that I had planned on going to for two months now.

Mom said that Ryan wanted to go watch a movie. He's my brother. Just got his first car, but I do not even know what kind it is. Just that it does have one headlight out so they didn't bring it. So we agreed to go out for dinner and a movie for my birthday. She said that she would be back for me to go to the meeting. So I am greatful that she will make two trips for me.

While I was washing the dishes, I had wished that mom would bring me the chairs she had given to me months ago. To my surprise, within an hour he she comes bringing me my chairs for my kitchen table. Yipppeeee I got my birthday wish. LOL.

So what movie did we see? The Knowing. It was a good movie, but having to sit so close was torture on the eyes. Especially mine since I am sensitive to lights. I had to cover my ears a few times because it was so loud. I have sound sensitivities as well. To bad for me.

Well, guess I had a pretty good 29th birthday! Would also like to say happy birthday to my Uncle Bobby who had a birthday on the 20th. The day before mine. Usually, we celebrate them together when we are together. We did this a lot when I was a kid and the last time we did, I was turning 15. Been a long time Uncle Bobby, so I hope that you had a good birthday as well.

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chubskulit said...

happy birthday Amanda, may you have many mre blessings and bdays to come. May God grant your wishes...

Thanks for the visits and comments..

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